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Reify Solutions is a DMV based solutions provider experienced in providing government solutions for Defense Industrial Base Suppliers, Manufactures, Distributors, Brokers, and Resellers. We work with Defense Industrial Base Contractors and USTRANSCOM based logistics, transportation, movers and storage companies to provide compliance and base access solutions. Our experience and relationships allow us a unique vantage point into how to engage DIB contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers for CMMC Readiness.

CMMC + 2 Onboarding

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Typically the key stakeholders involved in CMMC: Let's Get Started

  1. CFO or Contract Officer

  2. CISO or Compliance Officer

  3. IT Manager

  4. Director of the Division That Own The CUI

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DIBCOTS / EXCOTS SYSTEM: The Standout Feature In The DIBCOTS system is that it was build specifically to ensure security, data separation, segmentation and the ability to report on individual agency momentum. Our dashboard shows real-time status of vendor / supplier engagement. Providing situational awareness and key insights to report up the leadership chain and down the supply implementation value chain. Executive Level Agencies MUST ENSURE DATA PRIVACY. Co-mingling data across agencies is a NIST 800-171 VIOLATION.
“Reify Solutions assisted us with scoping the CMMC enclave, completing self- assessment scoring, identifying compliance gaps, completing the Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) remediation planning, and documenting the System Security Plan (SSP).”

Alexa Young, CA

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